Great News! Citi ThankYou Rewards Scheduled to Add British Airways and Singapore Airlines

Update:  I received the following email from a person representing the Citi ThankYou Network

The information posted on regarding transferring ThankYou Points to certain international airlines is not accurate. ThankYou members can redeem points for travel on any airline with no blackout dates in the ThankYou Travel Center. Currently ThankYou members cannot directly transfer their ThankYou Points to an airline.

The value of credit card rewards is always increased when a program adds flexibility and additional booking options.  That’s why I was pleased to see that Citi ThankYou points will now be transferable to British Airways and Singapore Airlines.

On the one hand, this is not big news for most of you.  If you have Ultimate Rewards points or American Express Rewards points, you already have the ability to transfer to British Airways.

Likely, you’ve not heard much about Singapore Airlines.  It’s a great airline, but it does add fuel surcharges on its award tickets.  Basically, that means it could be advantageous for business class tickets, but not economy tickets using points.

Personally, I’m glad for the news.

We’ve got about 35,000 ThankYou Reward points that are set to expire in August.  If we didn’t use them before then, I was going to cash them out at a 1 cent value for travel gift cards.  However, now that I have the option to transfer them to British Airways, I’m guessing that’s what I will do.

Since this is new news, I haven’t been able to verify the transfer ratio.  However, once it’s confirmed, I’ll analyze the benefits for you to help you know if this should influence any of your spending habits in favor of the ThankYou Rewards program.  I’ll also help you identify the Citi cards that will help you earn the most number of points.

This is excellent news on another front.

It means that ThankYou Rewards is realizing that their program is lagging behind both American Express Rewards and Ultimate Rewards, and they are trying to remedy that situation.  What I’d personally love to see is the ThankYou Rewards program add American Airlines as a transfer partner.

Now that would be fantastic news.

Hat tip: Dan’s Deals.

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