Good News: Updates to Aadvantage Reduced Mileage Awards

In my post reviewing the best current American Airlines sign up offers (which is 40,000 Aadvantage miles), I mentioned that one of the ways to get even more value out of your miles is to book American Airlines Reduced Mileage Awards as an American Airline Citi branded credit card holder.  American and Citi just added/changed two features so I thought it would be valuable if we briefly covered those changes.

Change #1: Discounts are now available for one-way travel.

Previously, you could only use the Reduced Milage Awards for one way travel.  Now it’s even better with a one way option.

One way flights will cost:

  • First Class 21,250 each way
  • Economy Class 8,750 each way.

I think this means that Aadvantage miles +  Citi Platinum Select / AAdvantage World MasterCard make this the cheapest (least miles) way to fly domestic cross country flights.  British Airways does still have some better options, depending on the distance traveled.  Some flights will come in at 4,500 each way, others at 7,500 each way, but any longer flight will be 10,000 Avios each way.  I guess depending on your Southwest fare that might also be a cheaper option.

Remember, as a Citi American Airlines credit card holder you also get a 10% refund on miles used.

That effectively drops your one way rate to 7,875 Aadvantage miles for select one way destinations.  

Change #2: Destinations are now displayed monthly, not quarterly.

Previously, if a designation was eligible for the reduced mileage discount, it would be eligible for a three month period.  Now each month has a list of eligible destinations.  The good news is that they still post eligible cities several months out, so we can currently book as late as September 2013.

Personally, I think this is great news.

In August, our family is moving to a city with a very expensive flight market – Billings, Montana.  It’s much more expensive than Denver.  Also, I have family living close to Toronto, Ontario.

Using the ITA Matrix, the cheapest flight I could find between BIL and YYZ in all of September 2013 is $678 RT.  Having the option to travel there for 17,500 RT or even to travel there for 8,750 each way and then onto another destination is a fantastic use of miles.  Including the rebate, I’ll pay 15,750 for a RT flight which means I’ll be getting 4.3 cents per value out of each point.  Of course, one way flights tend to be even more expensive.

Either way, I think this news makes the Citi Platinum Select / AAdvantage World MasterCard even more valuable.

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