Getting Ready for Vacation Roundup

We are packing the last few things in our bags and counting down sleeps until we leave for our family vacation. The kids and I will leave Alotau, PNG on Sunday. On Tuesday, we’ll meet Craig in Sydney and begin our family vacation. There’s a lot of excitement around here. The kids are especially excited about going on an airplane again. Hopefully I can keep them entertained during the flight!

Because we’ll be enjoying time with our family, you’ll hear from us less over the next couple of weeks. But, don’t worry, we’ll be back with plenty of stories from our time in Australia, I’m sure.

While you wait for us to return from our family vacation, check out some other interesting travel posts around the web.

I love New Zealand, and I enjoyed taking a look at these 40 Stunning Photos of New Zealand. That is one beautiful country. We’ve actually been to Piha Beach, Milford Sound, Auckland City, and Queenstown, but we hope to explore the island more some day.

Ever thought what it might be like to fly with twins? I’m a twin myself, so I was interested to see what Travels with Baby had to say about the best seating arrangement for flying with twins. I suppose this could apply to parents who have young children close in age as well.

I wish there were such thing as the perfect trip, but unfortunately, there isn’t. I’m wondering what kind of surprises we’ll have on our upcoming vacation.

Check out this brief International Restaurant Tipping Guide. Tipping is one of those things that can be so awkward when you’re just not sure what’s expected. There are such different expectations globally, too.

Have a great weekend!

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