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Over the last few years I’ve helped hundreds of people find the best travel credit cards for their particular situation.

I want to help you make sure that you don’t make a mistake and spend your money on the ‘wrong card’.  About ten years ago I booked a lot of expensive travel on a credit card an it was too late when I found out that, for one particular year, if I’d had ‘the right’ card in my wallet, I could have earned $700 more worth of travel rewards.

While it is good to learn from our mistakes, it is even better to learn from the mistakes of others.

I spend a lot of time keeping up with the best current offers, the bonus categories associated with each card, and the benefits associated with different credit cards.

Two Options for Finding the Best Travel Related Credit Card

Choice #1 – Spend hours reading and researching.

You could spend hours reading and researching about all of the credit cards on the market.  You could hope you made the best choice.  You could.

Choice #2 – Get a customized recommendation for the best rewards card.

This allows you to charge with confidence knowing that you have the best rewards credit card according to your spending.

Icon - Question MarkWhat do you get with your free credit card advice?

  • A suggestion of the top card for your purposes. Each suggestion comes with supporting reasons why that card would be best for your purposes.
  • Proposed strategies for maximizing the earnings and redemption of those points or miles.
  • Free questions and answers.  Let me know if you have any follow-up questions and I’ll be glad to assist you.

Who should get the free credit card advice?

1.       US residents. I don’t provide this service for those who do not have a valid US mailing address.

2.       Those who wonder if there is a better credit card on the market.

3.       Those who are afraid that they might be wasting mileage earning opportunities.

I personally reply to the all the emails.  I don’t outsource the responsibility to anyone else.

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