Finding the Best Seat for your Flight

When it comes to comfortable travel be sure you consider:

(1) the airline

(2) the actual plane upon which you will travel.

I suspect we all have love hate relationships with airlines. We probably all have a time when Airline X did something to totally turn you off for life. Perhaps, there was an Airline that came to the rescue during a travel experience and you vowed to always travel with them. I too have my preferences. I love Southwest. American Airlines would be scrolled at the bottom of any of my lists of favorite airlines. (Another time I will expand on all my petty issues or preferences with the above airlines).

But don’t forget to consider the impact of the actual plane you be flying. The plane itself is a huge contributor or detractor to in-flight comfort. Find out, do they have in-flight entertainment at each seat? Is the plane older or newer? Is the plane larger or smaller (larger planes tend to have more in-flight entertainment)? listed below can help you with the specifics of the aircraft for most airlines.

After you have decided on the flight: Don’t forget to choose your seats

Most people don’t really think about their seats until they arrive at the airport. At times that can be an advantage as you cannot get an emergency exit row (extra leg room) until you arrive at the airport. If, however, such seats are unavailable, you will want to be sure you have a comfortable alternative.

Photo ‘Grupo TACA’ A321 Cabin by Aaron Escobar

Of course, most of us know to go for a window or aisle seat, because who really wants to be stuck between two strangers? We also know there are advantages to being in the front as you can deplane faster.

Be sure to check out With Seatguru you can give your airline and plane specifications and they will show you which seats to avoid and which seats have additional benefits and which seats are neither good nor bad. Check it out and play around with the site, you will find it worth a quick visit.