Feedback Wanted: Trip Reviews “Yes” or “No”

Today I have a quick post where I’m hoping to get some feedback from you …

Do you have any interest in reading trip reviews and reports?

I haven’t done much where I write about where I went, what I did, and how I got there.

As an example, I started to put together some thoughts on my recent business flights to Brisbane, Australia, but I didn’t actually know if any of you would enjoy reading about that.  There are already a lot of folks online posting trip reviews, so I didn’t want to add another element to the blog if you weren’t interested in seeing pictures and hearing stories.

Does that appeal?

If you’re an email subscriber, you can just reply to the email.  If you’re an RSS reader or reading this on the blog, you can just leave a comment.

Thanks for your feedback.


  1. Ryan says

    No thank you, or at least not very often. Since I have subscribed and get all your posts emailed to me, I pay attention to each one and read it through. If it is a review of a location that I am not going to go, I won’t read it and if it happens often, then I will probably miss that good deals you post. Thanks for thinking of us!

    • says

      Thanks for the feedback. I’m tallying all the feedback and then decide how to move forward. You make a valid point about how easy it might be to start ignoring the content if it is too much of what people don’t really want.

    • Carol says

      No thanks.

      I feel that a lot of other bloggers are doing more and more trip reviews and I feel there is less and less credit card, miles and points and other more useful information. More often than not, the trip reviews do not apply to me. I don’t mind a little of that if it seems that most people would gain some useful information from it, but I think there are many more useful topics. Thanks for asking and keep up the good work!

  2. John says

    No thanks. I’d prefer to only hear about how you utilized your miles / awards to get to where you are going. If I want to hear more about locations in general, there are other websites for that.

  3. Randy says

    Not really – BUT – If I were THINKING of a place – it’s nice to be able to look up a review. Selfishly – I’m only interested in your trip – if I’m going to make the same trip. I’m shallow.

  4. Kurtis says

    I am thrilled to read and am inspired by trip reports that tell ways in which you squeezed every bit of value out of your miles and points…for example taking your family of five to Hawaii for a couple hundred dollars! It opens my eyes to what is doable and makes me want to pack my bags then and there.
    However, I’m bored by other bloggers’ reviews of particular flights and hotels that I will most likely never experience anyway. I’m well pleased with what you already do. Thanks for asking.

  5. Fran says

    Thanks for asking for feedback. I personally skip over bloggers descriptions of hotels, etc. I look at blogs for deals – period. I use other sources for reviews. Thanks for your work.

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