Favorite Travel Stories | How we got 210,000 US Airways miles for one flight

Since we got married in 2000, we’ve been able to do a lot of fun traveling.  Sometimes we’ve traveled as a couple, and other trips we’ve taken with friends or family.  I’ve taken time to put our memories into a travel scrapbook, but I realized that I haven’t really written much on our travel blog about them.  

So today I want to tell you one of my favorite travel stories.  This story came about merely by chance, but we sure didn’t complain. 

In 2003, Craig and I took a trip to Papua New Guinea (our current home).  We had lots of fun in Australia on the way back to the States as well.  That part was really amazing, but the surprise we got later made it even more worth it. 

We knew that we were supposed to get triple air miles for the flight as far as Australia we took because of a promotion that was going on.  Thus, our 17,500 miles were going to get us a sweet 52,500 US Airways miles.  Since 40,000 miles was enough to get a free round trip to Europe, we were really excited.  But, somehow, we were credited for two separate flights, so we ended up getting double triple miles! 

It was an exciting discovery, but we didn’t feel right keeping all 105,000 of those air miles since we didn’t actually earn them.  So, we called the customer service to honestly tell them that we really should only have 52,500 miles.

The lady on the other end informed us that there was nothing they could do to change the issue in the computer, so we should just enjoy the miles.  We could hardly believe our ears.  It was so exciting.

Well, ever since the 6th grade, I’d wanted to go to Switzerland so badly.  We had a guest speaker from Switzerland come to our class and tell us all about it, and from that time on, I wanted to go.  Her pictures and stories had really enthralled me.

So, we decided that we ought to go to Europe.  But we had so many miles that we asked my parents to join us for the trip, assuring them that their airfare was already taken care of.

In March of 2004, we got to take a trip to Switzerland – my dream since 6th grade!  We flew into Frankfurt, Germany and were surprised by all of the smokers inside the airport.  We drove to Fiesch, Switzerland and rented a small apartment there with my parents and shared the cost.  It’s a good thing our airfare was free since Switzerland is not a cheap place to visit.  We weren’t prepared for the extremely expensive dining, and we ended up eating frozen pizzas for a few meals in our apartment.

I loved seeing castles, tiny European cars, and the Alps.  I also loved all the snow that time of year.  We visited Lucerne, Brig, and Zermatt.  On our way back to the Frankfurt airport, we drove across the border into France – just so I could say I’ve been there. 

We made so many wonderful memories during that trip.  But it just made us hungry for more travel.  Some day we’d like to take our children to Europe.  Maybe we’ll just wait to see if we can accidentally end up with extra air miles again. 

Then that same year in December, we flew to visit my parents in Wyoming and used the last 25,000 points in each of our accounts.  So, from our two tickets to Australia, we got four tickets to Europe and two round trip tickets in the US.  Now that’s an exciting travel story!

Has anything like that happened to you before?  Where would you go if you suddenly ended up with lots of air miles accidentally?

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