Every Dollar Counts – Baggage Carts

If you really want to travel cheap you need to remember one very important lesson – every dollar counts.  Typically, when we head off on vacation the last thing we want to do is to set a budget or watch our spending.  But, if you don’t watch your spending the payments will follow you home. 

Photo by santanartist

Yesterday I flew from Buffalo to Denver with my family.  We had a lot of baggage as we are doing some lengthy travel.  With three kids, five large bags, and three car seats baggage carts are essential.  Most airports charge $3.00.  You buy the cart, push it outside and then leave it for someone else to return to the rack and then someone else pays $3 to rent the cart.  So here is what I did – I took the elevator down one flight to the parking garage.  Walked through the double doors and there was a cart sitting right there.  I was back with a cart within 4 minutes.  Now saving $3 might not seem like a big deal, but for those four minutes I was working for $45 per hour (if I made $3 per 4 min of work).  When I got back up to my bags I realized on cart was not enough so I repeated the process.  The second time I had to walk a few yards to the right so it probably took me 5 min total.  So for 9 min I saved $6.  The best part was that I got the carts all before our ride even arrived.

Cheap Travel Tip: Don’t rent a baggage cart.  Go to the parking garage and get one.  The best part?  If you return it you typically will get 25 cents!

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