Evaluating Travel Advice You Get Online

Recently I have done a little answering on Yahoo Answers.  Of course, most of my answers address travel questions.  I have noticed a pattern in the travel advice I have seen.

Most people who are in the travel related industry are paid only if you use their service.  This should cause us to be cautious.

  1. Be cautious of anything that promotes only one website.  With several bazillion travel sites (probably not really that many) the best place for you to get travel will always change based on your need and the type of travel you are doing.
  2. Know that when you Google something like ‘cheap travel’ all the sites that show up at the top with a light background color are sponsored links.  Also all the sites on the right are sponsored links.  What this means is those organizations pay Google to place them in those locations and they will pay Google money if you visit the site via a search.  They are not at the top of the list because Google thinks they are the best sites to get cheap travel.
  3. With so many travel sites be sure you check out closely any sites you have never booked with before.  I recommend you check out the Better Business Bureau before making a booking.

Where to get good travel advice:

  1. Ask someone what sites they use and how their experience has been.  When you ask someone you know you will get an honest answer with no reason to mislead you.
  2. Keep reading Help Me Travel Cheap.

Just so you know I have no monetary benefits for directing you to any of the websites mentioned on Help Me Travel Cheap.  I do not get any commissions for any of the sites I suggest you try.

However, if I ask you to allow me to refer you to something, I do likely get a benefit for that referral.  My commitment to you is that I will never refer you to anything simply so I can get the benefit.  I am here to help you travel cheap.

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