Effective Today You Need Your Passport When Driving Between Canada and US

Effective today (June 1st, 2009) all people entering the US will be required to have a valid passport.  This includes all forms of transportation – even by car.  Previously, US and Canadian citizens could zip across the boarder in their cars and zip back again with only a drivers license.  The conditions have slowly become more and more rigid.  However, it is official – you must have a passport.  This applies if you are a Canadian citizen trying to get into the States or even a US citizen trying to get back into the US.

Consider yourself informed!

On Friday, May 29th, 2009, former presidents Clinton and George W. Bush were in Toronto, Canada for a ‘conversation’ in front of a group of 5,000.  My wife and I thought about going, but the $185 starting ticket price didn’t really take much consideration.  The next day I was interested in reading the story in The Globe and Mail (May 30th, 2009).  When asked specifically about the fact that Canadians now needed a Passport to travel to the US by vehicle, Bush claimed total ignorance and there were gasps from the crowd.  Bush said, “I don’t know anything about the passport issue.”  Clinton followed up by saying he also didn’t know anything about it until someone mentioned it earlier in the day.  I guess you can consider yourself more informed about this topic than the last two former presidents.

Planning to travel between Canada and the US (Niagara Falls area) by vehicle?  Here is some information to help you out:

Real time Traffic Information: 1-800-715-6722 or www.niagarafallsbridges.com (Niagara Falls area) or www.nittec.org.

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Offers a complete list of all requirements and regualtions needed to travel to Canada at www.cbsa.gc.ca.

United States Customs and Border Protection offers a complete list of all requirements needed to travel to the US at www.cbp.gov.

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