Dreaming of Where to Go for Vacation?

About.com posted this list of some of the worlds most visited countries:

1. France – 76 million
2. Spain – 55.6 million
3. United States – 49.4 million
4. China – 46.8 million
5. Italy – 36.5 million
6. United Kingdom – 30 million
7. Mexico – 21.9 million
8. Germany – 21.5 million
9. Turkey – 20.3 million
10. Austria – 20 million

Photo by Indiewench

Does that give you a hankering to travel?  Check out Travelocity’s Dream Map.  Using the Dream Map you can tell Travelocity your departure city, desired destination by region, and the maximum price you are able to or want to pay (Canada, US, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Caribbean, and South Pacific).  Travelocity will then show you their flight offerings that match your preferences.

So if you start dreaming of getting away to one of the world’s most visited countries, check out Travelocity’s Dream Map.

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