DIY Travel Hacking Cartel

I canceled my Travel Hacking Cartel membership.

For me, to keep my membership wouldn’t be valuable.  It’s not designed for someone who already knows the basics about collecting and redeeming miles.

I wrote this post to tell you how you can save your $25 (or $39) per month by using free resources to create your own Travel Hacking Cartel – for free!

Credit goes to the good folks at the FlyerTalk forums to help point out some useful websites in this endeavor.   What you need to do is to subscribe to the following blogs or bookmark them and check in on a weekly basis.  By following all of these blogs, you’ll pick up almost all of the promotions available through the Travel Hacking Cartel.

1.  The Points Guy

2.  Free Frequently Flyer Miles

3.  Frequent Flyer

4.  Boarding Area – Miles Quest and the Boarding Area Blog

5.  FlyerTalk Forums

6.  Frugal Travel Guy

Truth be told, you can follow the action at the Travel Cartel for about 30 minutes a week. If you keep up with these blogs, you might need to commit an hour a week (or not).  Thus, this free program would cost $0, plus up to four hours a month.  The Travel Hacking Cartel is $25 per month (business class) with a couple of hours commitment per month.  If your time is valued at more than $15 per hour, then you might want a Travel Hacking Cartel membership.  If, however, you’d rather do your own work, you can save some cash.

I’ve got to admit.  All of this flyer miles talk is getting me excited about miles again.  Perhaps one day in the near future I’ll start my own premium resource to help notify readers of great mile promotions.

Bon Voyage!


  1. says

    This is an awesome post; I love what Chris is doing and am jealous of the mad cash he’s raking in (which is well earned) but it’s hard to find an unbiased (non-affiliate) review of the program’s worth. Thanks for the brilliant tips and links.

    • Craig says

      Thanks so much. I also think Chris is doing a great job, but people should know about the alternative options.

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