Delta Offers 1 Mile Expiration Extension

I recently reviewed my Delta mileage statement.  On the statement Delta posted 1 mile to my account.  Not a big deal right.  Well, I manage three accounts on behalf of my family.  Between my wife and I we have 50,000 Delta points.  Those points were set to expire Dec. 31st, 2009.  However, the one point that was posted postponed our mileage expiration to 30 April 2011.  Essentially our points were extended for another year and a half.                                     Photo by Andrei Dimofte

Now the million dollar question is – was this a computer glitch or was this intentional?  Furthermore, will Delta be coming back to make any corrections in the future?  There is a full discussion about these issues here.  It is a mystery to me because if Delta did intent to offer this customer benefit the could have done a much better job like sending an email saying, “look how great we are we helped out.”  Because Delta neglected to do that I am assuming the posting was not intentional.  Most interestingly this posting was not across the board some receive the mile while other did not.

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