Choice Privileges (10%) and Priority Club (50%) Purchase Points Promotions

Today both Choice and Priority Club announced bonuses when you buy miles.

Choice Privileges Points Purchase 10% Promotion

Between November 15th and December 31st, buy Choice hotel points and earn an additional 10%.

 Choice Privileges Points

As per the Choice Privileges terms and conditions, you can buy up to 10,000 points in a single transaction.  With this bonus, it is actually 1,100 points (1000+100 bonus).  The total cost would be $110.  There is a limit of 20,000 purchased points per year (22,000 with this promotion).  Valid only for Canadian and US residents.

How to Maximize the Choice Privileges Promotion

If you do a little digging around, you’ll find that Choice has some great locations that have great off-season rates.  The only issue is that Choice only allows you to book international hotels 60 days in advance.  As a result, I can’t prove any of the low redemption rates.

As an example, last August we were in Brisbane, Australia.  Brisbane is a really expensive place to visit ($175ish per night).  However, we were able to get a couple of rooms at the Comfort Inn Admiralty for 10,000 points a night.  The current rate is 25,000 points.  If you were to buy points at $110, you could get a property like this for $65 off.

Europe also has some great opportunities:

As an example, see the following hotels available at 8,000 points per night (would cost $88 to buy 8,800 points).

Choice Hotels Rome

Now look and see how many Euro these properties would cost:

Choice Privileges Locations Rome

 Notice that the prices are in Euro.  The first property, Comfort Hotel Bolivar, would cost $112 per night.  The other option is to buy the necessary points for $88 and save $24 per night (20%).

Here is another example from Frankfurt, Germany.  All these locations would cost 8,000 points in November 2012:

Choice Hotels Frankfurt

As you can see, the Clarion Collection Hotel Frankfurt City would cost $147 USD per night.  In this case, buying points would save you $59 per night (40%).

To take advantage of this promotion, simply visit and click on Choice Privileges on the top navigation menu.  On the left hand side you’ll see a link to buy points.

I learned about this promotion from the Loyalty Traveler.

Priority Club Buy or Gift Miles with 50% Bonus

Between November 15th-22nd, 2012, you’ll receive a 50% bonus when you buy or gift miles.  The cost is the same either way (buy or gift); it just depends on whose account you credit the points.

The cost is $13,50 per 1,500 points (1,000 + 500 bonus).  You can purchase up to 50,000+25,000 bonus points for a total of 75,000 points.  This will cost $575.

How to Maximize Priority Club 50% Purchase Mile Bonus


PointBreaks are limited time and limited availability properties that only require 5,000 Priority Club points per night.  The current PointsBreaks list is valid for bookings through December 10th, 2012.

Two examples should help highlight the value:

The Holiday Inn Suva (Fiji) has December rates starting at $163 USD.  If you bought 4,000 (+2,000 bonus) points for $54, you’d have enough points to get this hotel.  That is about a 67% savings.

The InterContinental Maracaibo has rates starting around $120.  Again, you could get it for $54 if you purchased the points.

Cash and Points

There are some locations worldwide that have excellent cash and points rates.  I happen to know that the hotels in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea are a perfect example.

At the Holiday Inn Port Moresby, rates start at $305 per night.  Crazy!  However, for 15,000 points +$40, a person could get the same room there. With the 50% points purchase promotion, you could get the points for $135 plus the $40 for a total of $175.  That’s still expensive for a hotel room, but it sure beats $305 per night.  It is a savings of $135, or a 43% savings.

To buy points through Priority Club, click here.

Of course, there is always the option to apply for the Priority Club credit card and earn up to 80,000 points.  In October, my wife used the link from this page on FlyerTalk and did receive the 80,000 points.  The nice thing about this card is that it also give you a free hotel night (category 1-4) every year you have the card ($49 annual fee).

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