Check Your Email for Up to 30,000 Free US Airways Miles

US Airways is sending our targeted emails offering people the ability to earn anywhere from 10% – 50% back on an award booking.  These emails have been sent to people who currently have the US Airways MasterCard.

I received one, but my wife did not.

I got my offer on October 1st.  I suggest that you get back into your Inbox and search “Get More for your Miles: Limited- time Offer“. I missed mine the first time, but a quick search helped me find the offer.

My offer was for 25%.  If you’re targeted, you’ll need to book your flights (using your eligible Dividend Miles account) between October 1st and November 30th.  Travel must be completed by March 31st, 2013.

Of course, this would be a great promotion to combine with the current 100% share miles promotional bonus.

What’s killing me is that I’m not sure if I’ll be able to use this offer.  I sure hope so.

Lesson Learned: Sometimes it’s valuable to keep a card beyond its first year.  You never know what opportunities and promotions will pop up that only apply to existing card members.

Case and Point: In my post about the Starwood American Express, a couple of commenters reminded me that between the Twitter Sync program and the Small Business Saturday, a person can help offset some of the annual fees.  So far this year, I’ve participated in the Small Business Saturday ($25 savings), Walmart Twitter Sync ($15 savings) and the current $10 Lowes offer.  These three savings combined have given me $50 in savings.  That’s makes the $65 annual fee much more manageable.

Another side point: American Express announced that the Small Business Saturday program will only be for $10 per card instead of $25.

Did any of you receive the offer?  If so, what percentage back were you offered?


  1. Randy says

    I was one of “the chosen” and got 50%. Unfortunately I only have 44000 points so cant cash in on a HUGE deal. Hopefully I can schedule a couple of little trips though.

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