Chase Freedom 25,000 Points for up to a $335 Flight … to the Rescue

A few months ago I learned about a new benefit (via The Points Guy) of the Chase Freedom card.  This week I was able to take advantage of that new benefit.

As such, I decided that it was blog worthy.

Chase Freedom: Redeem 25,000 Points for A Flight Worth Up To $335 

Hidden within the exhilarating terms and conditions for the Chase Freedom card is a couple of bullet points that read:

  • In addition, credit card customers may redeem 25,000 points for one round-trip scheduled airline ticket valued at up to $335 through our toll-free number, where permitted by law. Redemptions for this specific item have the service fee waived.
  • If you book a ticket with a value greater than $335, the additional amount over $335 must be paid for using either a Chase card with Ultimate Rewards and/or additional points

In order to book these tickets you must book your tickets over the phone by calling 1-866-951-6592.

The Benefits of this Chase Freedom Benefit

If you’re a Chase Freedom credit card holder you probably know your points are only worth 1 penny each.  That’s why those us of who have the Freedom card also like to have Chase Ink business card or a Chase Sapphire Preferred card so we can transfer the points out to our favorite airline or hotel program to get more than a penny value per point.  By transferring the points out to your favorite program you can often get more than a penny value out of each point.

However, with this travel benefit you can get up to 1.34 cents per point value out of your Freedom points.

My Personal Example:

This Christmas our family is going to be going to Phoenix for Christmas.  My problem is twofold:

  1. I don’t have very much flexibility over the Christmas holidays and we all know that when using miles flexibility is important.
  2. There are limited flights out of Billings so it makes finding availability more challenging.  
  3. Billings is a very expensive market to fly from.

Typically, what I would do is transfer 25,000 points to United and use that to book my award travel.  However, there was an award flight out on Christmas day with poor connection times and no flights back by the 27th when I need to be home.  I just couldn’t find award tickets that would work.

Yes, I could have waited, but I like to confirm my travel in advance as I find that a less stressful way to travel.

However, searching on Kayak I was able to find a flight from Billings to Phoenix with the exact dates and times I wanted to fly for $370.  I decided it was time to test the Chase Freedom benefit so I called 1-866-951-6592.

Booking the flights was very simple.  I just told the phone agent that I wanted to use 25,000 Freedom points for a flight up to $335 and she knew exactly what I was talking about.  I gave her my cities and dates and she found the same flight for the same price as I was seeing online.

In the end I was given the choice of paying $35 more (the benefit is only for flights up to $335) or using 3,500 additional Ultimate Rewards points.  I decided to use the points so for 28,500 points and zero dollars out of pocket I had a ticket to Phoenix over the Christmas holidays.

Do I think that’s the absolute best use of miles I’ve ever spent?  Nope.  Do I think I got a home run redemption for 28,500 points for a domestic flight?  Nope.  But, I was able to use miles, travel to a place I wanted to go, travel at a time I wanted to go.  Considering my options it was a winner redemption and I’m glad I knew about the option to use 25,000 Freedom miles for a flight worth up to $335.

Have you ever used this benefit before?  What did you think about the experience?

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