Celebrate Small Business Week: Chase Ink Plus and Ink Bold Sign Up Bonus Increased to 60,000

Without a doubt, one of the fastest ways to earn miles is with either the Chase Ink Plus or Ink Bold credit cards.  


5 points per dollar spent on office supply stores, phone, internet, and cable TV services.

Here’s a sample of how this card can help you earn huge points:

In my post on how to earn even more miles on home improvement, the Ink Bold or Plus were required for that strategy to earn up to 15 points per dollar at stores like Lowes.

Last week, Office Max was selling $200 Visa Gift cards for $196.95 each.  If you purchased one of those cards with an Ink Bold or Plus card, you’d save $3.05 per card plus earn 982 Ultimate Rewards Miles.

Last month, Office Max was selling $50 worth of Amazon gift cards for $45.  Purchasing those cards means you save 10% on all Amazon purchases, plus it’s just like earning 5 points per dollar on everything from Amazon.

Conclusion: Chase Ink Bold and Plus cards will present you with a lot of massive mileage earning opportunities.  

Limited Time Sign Up Bonus 60,000 Ultimate Rewards Points

The usual bonus for this card is 50,000 points, but between June 16th, 2013 and June 22nd, 2013, the bonus increases to 60,000!

Both the Ink Bold and Ink Plus cards come with a $5,000 minimum spend in the first 3 months.  

That does seem like a lot of money, but remember that these days there is an unlimited number of ways to reach a minimum spend.

How valuable is a 60,000 point offer?

It’s been over a year since Chase offered a 60,000 point sign up bonus for either of these cards.  Last year, the offer only lasted a few days as well.  If I were a betting man, I’d say this is the best offer we’ll see in 2013 for either the Bold or Plus cards.  

  • You can cash out the 60,000 miles and get $600 in gift cards or cash back.
  • You can transfer the points to Southwest and get $1002 worth of Southwest flights.  They can be transferred to airlines like United, Southwest, or British Airways.  United and British Airways don’t have fixed values.
  • They can be transferred to hotels like Hyatt. 
  • They can be used as cash value towards the purchase of hotels, car rentals, or flights. With the 20% bonus, that would be $720 worth of travel.

If you’ve been considering getting this card, I’d do it before June 22nd when the promotion ends.


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      You can try and send Chase a secure message letting them know that you signed up for it at 50,0000 points and you’re disappointed to know that it’s now 60,000. If it’s been 30 days or less they’ll probably match the offer.

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