Finals Days to Save 12% on Southwest Points Bookings

Tweet On March 31st, 2014, Southwest points become about 12% less valuable. Book your travel before March 31st (and travel anytime thereafter), and you’ll pay 60 points for $1 of the cost of travel.  However, book your flights after March 31st, and you’ll pay 70 points per $1 of the cost of travel. The important […]

The Surprising “Value” of a Southwest Point

Tweet In my post earlier in the week, I said something not entirely true.  I said that with the 50,000 bonus point Southwest credit card sign up bonus those points are worth about $844 points. Since Southwest Rapid Rewards are a fixed value, you’d think the case would be open and closed in terms of […]

The Fastest Way to Get Your Southwest Companion Pass 2014

Tweet There’s no denying it.  I’m a huge fan of Southwest Airlines.  As a family of five, there’s almost no cheaper way to travel domestically. On top of that, the Southwest Companion Pass is an extremely lucrative and lofty goal that you can reach with credit card bonuses. Companion Pass 101 To get the Companion […]

10/30/13 is the Final Day for Southwest 50,000 Point Offer

Tweet I can’t think of a travel credit card that gives you more free trips than the Southwest credit card with a 50,000 point offer.  Here’s a general overview of the Southwest Rapid Rewards program. The marketing offer says that the promotion offers you “2 Roundtrip Flights”.  However, depending on several factors, you could definitely […]

Southwest News: Devaluation, Companion Pass, and More

Tweet Today’s news is all Southwest related, so if you’re not a fan of Southwest, I’d suggest you move on to something else.  I’m definitely a Southwest fan, but I don’t get to fly them much these days since I’m not living in a Southwest city.  Either way, I want to pass along several Southwest […]

Southwest Bonus Points For New Rapid Rewards Members

Tweet I’m guessing that this post won’t apply to too many of you, but it would be a decent deal for anyone who doesn’t already have a Southwest Rapid Rewards account. Rapid Rewards 2,500 Point Sign Up Bonus Use this link to enroll now. You get started with 250 bonus points for joining. Then, sign up […]

The Joy of Canceling Southwest Points Flights & Must Know Facts

Tweet Today, for the first time, I cancelled a Southwest flight I had booked with points.  I’ve got to say that the experience made me value my Southwest points even more. How to Cancel Southwest Flights Booked Using Points Visit Southwest Cancel Air Reservation page. Enter your first and last name along with your confirmation […]

Southwest 50,000 Bonus Point Card Offer is Live Again

Tweet is currently advertising (once again) for their 50,000 point sign up bonus.  This happens about once every 3 months or so. For 80% of people (yes, that’s a stat I just made up) who wish to fly domestically, there isn’t a better bonus than the 50,000 Southwest points.  If you’re able to get […]

Southwest Good News! Expanded AirTran Integration

Tweet I’ll be open about my bias – I really love Southwest. It seems like every time I fly Southwest I have a positive experience. If you haven’t been to, you might want to do some poking around to see if the expanded integration with AirTran is beneficial for your travel plans. Southwest has […]

Rebook An Unlimited Number of Cheaper Fares With Southwest Points

Tweet In this post, I’ll explain how to rebook Southwest flights when you find a lower points fare. How to Rebook Southwest Flights When You Find a Lower Points Fare Initially, when I was planning to go to Washington, DC, I found flights that cost 13,200 points.  I thought that was a good deal so […]