6 Credit Cards Worthy of the Annual Fee

Tweet Before this year, I hardly ever paid to keep a credit card. However, over the last year, I’ve been paying more and more annual fees. Each card on this list has an incentive that I decided was worth paying the annual fee. 1.  American Express Platinum Three years ago, I would never have believed […]

The 5 New Credit Cards in My Wallet

Tweet It’s been about six months since I’ve applied for a new credit card.  The reason is threefold: I’ve been busy with a move to Montana.  Also, I wanted a little time to establish my residency. I had some trouble getting a couple of cards (Barclay Arrival World MasterCard and Club Carlson Visa) that interested […]

What Should You Do When You Run Out of Credit Cards?

Tweet If you’ve been reading this blog (and following my advice) it’s likely that two things have happened. First, you’ve probably accumulated a huge stash of miles and points.  Most of all, I hope you’ve been able to use the points to see some amazing things for next to nothing. Second, you’re probably running out […]

Best Hotel Credit Cards for Maui, Hawaii

Tweet A reader wanted to know which credit card was the best to get free hotel stays in Maui.  I have a generic post with what I think are the best hotel credit cards, but here’s another example of how that list needs to be customized based on your destination.  Since I hadn’t looked closely […]

Best Mileage Values to Get from US Mainland to Hawaii

Tweet There’s obviously something magical about Hawaii because that’s where so many of my readers want to go. Getting enough miles to get to Hawaii is one thing, but finding the best mileage value is the fun part of the challenge. Best Option: One Way Add-On to an International Trip I’ve previously written about this […]

Travel Free Faster! How to Earn Points & Miles Paying Rent or Mortgage

Tweet This week I had a reader ask if and how they could earn miles paying their mortgage. That’s a great question because for most of us that is our highest monthly expenditure. Is it possible? Yes, but probably not with a credit card (at least not at a reasonable rate). How to Earn Miles […]

Mileage Earning Cards Vs. Cash Back Credit Cards

Tweet Developing a successful credit card strategy requires a deep look at your own preferences long before you start analyzing any specific credit card. How people like to use their points isn’t always the most valuable, but that doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that you use the points in a way that fits your […]

Travel Credit Card Reward Spending Guide By Bonus Categories

Tweet By owning Help Me Travel Cheap, I sometimes get to cheat.  I get to do things that I’d like to do anyways and turn it into a blog post. If you’re going to turn credit card rewards into nearly free travel, you’ll need to know which is the best card to use for different […]