Should I Redeem My Miles for Economy, Business, or First Class Travel?

Tweet The majority of people who travel have never flown in anything but economy class.  One of the main reasons is because economy class tickets are so much less expensive than business or first class tickets.  Thus, when using your miles, flying something better than economy might make sense. Still, is it worth using extra […]

How to Get Compensation from an Airline After a Delay or Cancellation

Tweet Before the airline delay, we were already scheduled to have a 4 hour layover in Detroit. It wasn’t too bad because my wife and I were able to get into the Delta lounge (free perk of the American Express Platinum) and enjoyed the Olympics, a shower, a cold Coke, and delicious hummus. After relaxing […]

Airline Flyer Miles | The Value of Jumping Back On the Bandwagon

Tweet I’ve been sort of a snotty pants when it’s come to airline miles.  I even wrote a post questioning the value of airline points.  Lately, I’ve found more bang for my buck with hotel points. However, I’ve noticed a trend lately that seems to once again favor collecting air miles (not over and above […]

27 Websites to Visit Before You Book Your Next Vacation

Tweet Not everyone is a travel geek like me.  For me, vacations are as much about the journey as the destination.  The journey, of course, is the planning process where you get to scour hundreds of websites looking for the best deals. Folks who don’t like all that souring often overpay for travel because they […]

All New Rapid Rewards Program by Southwest | Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

Tweet This morning there was an email in my Inbox.  Actually, there were about 100 emails in my Inbox. However, there was one I was particularity interested in reading.  The title: Announcing the All-New Rapid Rewards® Program! One of my favorite programs, Southwest Rapid Rewards, is changing. The first line: “On March 1, 2011, Rapid […]

Should Kids Be Allowed to Fly?

Tweet Have you ever been on a flight with a screaming toddler or baby?  I certainly have.  My babies have even, at times, been the screaming culprits.  Thankfully, my children generally travel well.  I’ve been embarrassed for other parents when I’ve seen them struggle with their toddler who didn’t want to buckle up when the […]

Smart Ways To Save Money On Airline Tickets

Tweet This article was written by Timothy Ng who is a regular personal finance writer and part of the team at Credit Card Finder, a 100% free Australian credit card comparison and application service. Visit the Credit Card Finder website for more information on the available frequent flyer credit cards. The cost of air travel […]

First Time Flying? 17 Things You Must Know

Tweet Attention first time fliers! I read this on one of my facebook friend’s statuses today: (Please excuse any incorrect grammar or lack of consideration in the post!) “Note to people who dont fly much– when the plane shakes a little, do not put your head on your knees, grab my shoulder and start repeating […]

Refund Airline Tickets | How Do You Get Your Money Back?

Tweet In a few ways, traveling is like investing.  You watch for the price trends, anticipate future prices, and then eventually you lock in your price by buying your tickets. Well, not really.  Most people just remember, hey I forgot to buy plane tickets, so they jump online and buy the tickets. One of the […]

When is a Newborn Baby Old Enough to Fly?

Tweet You may be asking, “When is my newborn baby old enough to fly?” - if you didn’t complete all your traveling while pregnant.  In my case, I delivered two of  my babies on our furlough (break from the mission field).  We were on a tight schedule since we only had a limited amount of time […]