Car Games for a Family Road Trip

There was an era that families used to do something other than watching movies on car trips.  It was called family road trip games.  No, I’m not talking about video games either.

5 Great Car Games for a Family Road Trip

Find the Alphabet

Starting with the letter ‘a’, you need to find something in writing (outside of the vehicle if you are a stickler for the old school rules) that contains the letter ‘a’.  Once you find ‘a’ then you move onto ‘b’.

You can get your letters from road signs, license plates, or billboards.

I wouldn’t recommend playing this game if you are anywhere near the state of Wyoming.

The Name Game

One person in the car says a name.  For example, I might say “Craig”.  The next person in the car needs to say a name that starts with the last letter of the previous name.  In this case, the next person would need to say a name that starts with ‘g”.  She might say, “George”.  The next person says a name that starts with ‘e.  Anyways, I think you get the point, and if you don’t by now, you probably wouldn’t enjoy this game anyway.

I Spy

This game is a classic, and it’s simple too!  Choose the color of any item around you and say, “I spy with my little eyes something that is red”.  Everyone in the car guesses red things until they get the right item.

Pass the Story

In this game one person starts a story by telling 2-3 lines of the story.  The next person then continues the story adding his or her own twists.

Guess the Word

One person in the car randomly chooses a five letter word.  In this case, our word will be ‘world’.  Other people in the car will say a five letter word.  If someone says ‘share’ then the person who chose the original word will determine how many letters in ‘share’ (the guessed word) are in ‘world’ (the chosen word).  In this case, there are zero letters that are the same in share and world.  This is good because you now know there is not an s, h, a, r, or e in the word you are trying to guess.  The winner is the person who guesses the right word.

2 Games I Don’t Recommend for a Family Road Trip

Annoy the Sibling

This used to be one of my favorite games.  I would keep doing something until either of my brothers were ready to punch my face off, and then I would smile with satisfaction knowing I’d won my little game.

Video games for the driver

I knew of a guy who taped a handheld video game onto the center of his steering wheel.  He said it helped to pass time.  I thought it was a terrible idea.

What games do you play to help pass the time on a family road trip?

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