1. Jason says

    If I signed up for this card in April 2011 with the 100,000 miles bonus and have since closed the account, would I be able to apply again and get the bonus miles on this current offer? I assume not, but wanted to check.

  2. anne says

    I fly to new york from los angeles….would british airways give me a ticket for that route for 4,500? If so I will apply.

    • says

      BA has a distance based award chart. The shorter flights are the only ones that you can get for 4,500. From LAX – JFK would require 12,500 each way. The 50,000 you get after your first spend is still enough for 4 one ways between LAX and JFK so it’s still a great offer.

  3. says

    Recently the sign up link for the 100,000 Avios point version of this
    card came back. It had that card before and Avios is a godsend for
    short, expensive hops like from Japan to China.

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