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For the last year or so, my go-to car rental website has been

That is until a couple of weeks ago.

I’d seen a few other bloggers mention using AutoSlash, so I decided to give them a try.

The biggest extra feature is that once you make a booking, they’ll continue to monitor the prices. If the price for your reservation drops, they’ll automatically rebook at the lower rate and then send you an email with your new (cheaper) booking.

I was looking for a car rental in Dallas.  The rate at AutoSlash and CarRentals was the same, so I decided to book with AutoSlash.

Within an hour, I got an email saying that they’d found a rate $19 and change cheaper, and they automatically rebooked me.

I like that it saves me money.

And, I like that it saves me the time of checking around to see if there are any cheaper rentals available.

Last week, my dad was making a car rental reservation, and I suggested AutoSlash.

The exact same thing happened.  Got an email that they found a reservation $20 less.

While I think AutoSlash is a great option for US rentals, I’ve found it isn’t so strong overseas.  I think the reason is that there are other cheaper rental companies overseas, and a more comprehensive search is likely to reveal cheaper rates.

I wouldn’t book AutoSlash if their starting rate wasn’t lower, but if the rate was equal to what you were otherwise going to book, then I’d suggest you book with Autoslash in case they do find a better rate.

This is not a paid for post, nor was I compensated in any way by AutoSlash – just impressed with the product.


  1. Dave says

    I came across Autoslash last night and liked the coupon look-up feature. What was disappointing is the limited selection of rental car companies. In the US, they only search three majors–Thrifty, Dollar and Hertz. National, Alamo, Enterprise, Budget and Avis are missing. Hopefully, Autoslash will add them.

    • Craig says

      That’s a good point. Thanks for pointing that out.
      I think it is important to check alternative sources (I use, but if the price is the same at the time of booking then is a good choice.

    • says

      @Dave — We’d *love* to add the other companies, but they seem to feel differently. We did support all the majors when we first launched, but a number of them opted out on the grounds that they didn’t feel users were entitled to get a discount for doing nothing.

      Our rental volume is growing rapidly due to word-of-mouth of our users and the great press we’ve been getting. We hope that at some point they will change their mind.

      Lastly, keep in mind that even if you book with a company we don’t support, you can track that rental for savings. Look for the tab labeled “Track a rental you’ve made elsewhere” on our homepage. We’ll analyze your rental, and if we find a better deal, we’ll email you to let you know.

      Whether booking direct with us or tracking a rental, in either case you can’t lose since we’re 100% free.

  2. says

    @Craig — We’re happy we were able to save you some money. I wanted to point out one thing… Even if our rates are initially higher, it still pays to make a free booking with us, even if you book elsewhere as well. In your recent rentals, we saved you $20 right off the bat, but in some case, we can reduce people’s rates literally by hundreds in within the first 24 hours. It all depends on the situation, but if you don’t book, you will never know.

    The other aspect of our service is that we re-price your rental multiple times a day, so even if we’re higher today, we may be able to reduce the price of your rental in the future. While 2-3 price drops are the average when booking at least a couple of weeks in advance, some of our users have gotten 10 price drops or more. The earlier you book, the more likely you are to save with AutoSlash.

    Thanks for the coverage. Hope this helps!

    • Craig says

      Thanks for the feedback.
      I personally wouldn’t recommend someone book a higher rate *hoping* it will go down later. A person could pay more that way. However, when the prices are comparable at booking then I’d say go for it.

      • says

        Rates fluctuate all the time. Imagine this scenario… The lowest price on AutoSlash is $480, while the lowest price on Site B is $460, so you decide to book there. The following week, the price drops to $420. The person who booked with AutoSlash has now saved $60 and has the potential to save more. The person who booked with Site B is stuck at $460 and has effectively left $40 on the table.

        I’m not saying someone should forgo savings. I’m recommending the person book wherever they find the lowest rate, but book with us since rates change all the time. Since most sites (including AutoSlash), don’t charge for bookings, and there is no penalty to change or cancel, it let’s a savvy renter play one vendor off another. You can then just cancel the higher priced booking close to your travel date.

        The bottom line is that with every other site, the price you book is the price you’ll pay at the counter. With AutoSlash, it’s the *highest* price you’ll pay, and the rate can only go down from there.

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