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Welcome to the Help Me Travel Cheap travel booking page.  If you purchase your upcoming travel through this page you can help support the work we’re doing here at Help Me Travel Cheap.  You’ll never pay more by using this page, and we even offer discounted rates through some of the advertisers listed below.

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General Travel Booking


Hotwire and/or Priceline are always one of our first stops when booking travel.  You consistently get the best prices using them, but you don’t know all of your booking details.  They are opaque booking sites.



We’ve bought tickets with them several times because other than the opaque sites list above they tend to have the most competitive airfare prices.

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Book travel with Expedia – Click here.

Flight Network -Specializing in Cheap Flights

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Flights, Car Rentals, Hotels Discount on airline tickets.


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We’ve used a few times.  A good way to get a good price on a hotel if you must know the exact brand.  Otherwise, we usually book with Hotwire or Priceline.

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Car Rentals

I was amazed the last time I traveled that had cheaper car rental prices than Orbitz or Expedia.  It’s worth checking them out.


Dollar Rent-a-Car, Inc.

Other Travel Accessories

Global Travel Shield from American Express


If your traveling overseas you’ll want a Skype card in case you need to get a hold of anyone back home.  It is by far the cheapest way to make calls while you travel.

Trip Advisor

When we vacation we love to read the reviews on Trip Advisor.  It is one of the most helpful websites we’ve discovered.


If you’ve got a bunch of points you’re having trouble keeping track of then you need to help you manage and use your points.

Thanks for booking your travel on Help Me Travel Cheap.

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