Bluebird Introduces a Checkbook = More Mileage Earning Opportunities

Recently, I wrote about how to use Bluebird to pay rent and mortgage bills.

Even after the arrival of Bluebird, there has been one last place where I haven’t been able to maximize my mileage opportunities – contributions to my local church. Sure, I could have had my checks sent to the church, but that would be a major hassle for the person who handles the church funds because everyone else’s checks are given on Sunday and mine would randomly show up in the mail.  I didn’t want to cause that kind of inconvenience to the church, so I’ve been writing a check from my checking account.

Any time you need a check today instead of a check in the mail, it was a missed mileage earning opportunity.

Until now.

Bluebird recently announced that you can order a check book and write checks from your Bluebird account.  Best of all, you can order your checks for FREE until May 21, 2013.

How to Order Your Checks

After signing in, on the top right you’ll see a button for “my account” with a drop down arrow.  When you click there, you’ll see “Order Bluebird Checks” as an option.  From there, you’ll get to a page where you need to review the special conditions for Bluebird checking. (I’ll talk about those in a moment.)  Simply hit “continue“.

On the order page you’ll see that Bluebird checks are expensive – unless you order before May 21st, 2013.  If you order before 5/21/13, there is no charge to order your checks.  You are limited to one order, so I’d suggest getting the 100 free checks instead of just the 50.  Afterwords, the prices are as follows:

50 Bluebird Checks:
$19.94 + $5.94 shipping & handling

100 Bluebird Checks:
$26.94 + $6.94 shipping & handling

Personally, I don’t plan on ordering any checks after this free batch because checks are so expensive.  Between my wife and I, we should be able to get 200 checks for free, so I hope that will last us for a long time.  :)

How to Use Your Bluebird Checks

  • You must pre-authorize every Bluebird Check before you write it.
  • They will deduct the amount of your Bluebird Check from your Available Funds at the time of pre-authorization.
  • After pre-authorization, write the 8-digit pre-authorization code provided on the front of the check before giving it to the payee.

How to Pre-Authorize a Check

When you sign into your account, under the my account section you’ll see a navigation menu with three green button options.  The third option is to pre-authorize a check. Click on that button. From there, you simply fill out the appropriate information.  After hitting continue you’ll be given a pre-authorization number.  Be sure to write the 8 digit pre-authorization code on the front of your check.

It’s also important to remember that when you pre-authorize a check, that amount of money will automatically be taken out of your account.  The funds are not taken out of your account when the check is cashed.

For your information, if you have a permanent Bluebird account (not your temporary card), your account is FDCI insured up to $250,000 just like any other bank in the US.


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