Get 20-25% More Value Out of 50,000 Chase Sapphire Preferred Points

The thing to love about the 40,000 Ultimate Rewards offer is the flexibility of the points.  This is especially true if you already have a stash of air miles.  The Ultimate Rewards program will help you to get closer to the ever illusive free vacation.

In this post, you’ll learn how to s-t-r-e-t-c-h your rewards to get even more value (20-25%) out of each point.

25% Travel Extra Value if Redeemed Through Ultimate Rewards


How does that work?

You simply sign into your account and select the option to book a trip.  From there, you can search for flight, hotels, and cars (or a combination of them.

Here’s an example,

Let’s say flights from JFK to Orlando are $200.  That would typically require 20,000 points.  However, if you book Ultimate Rewards, you could get that itinerary for 15,000 points.

This clearly is the best way to use your points.

If you also have frequent flyer miles for another airline, you’ll need to compare your options to see what is the best way to book your travel.  Due to the flexibility of these rewards, if you can book with miles then I would do that; but if not, this is a great way to save even more on your vacation.


Let’s imagine someone was traveling from Newark to Orlando.  They get onto the Ultimate Rewards booking site and enter the information (as listed below):

Ultimate Rewards Flight

Below are the results:

Flight Results

The Continental flight is $244 and JetBlue $180.

If one were going to book this flight with Continental, they would need to use 25,000 miles.  Here one could get the flight for 18,300 UR points (with 25% value).  Or, one could get the JetBlue flight for 13,500 points.  I’d rather use the UR points than 25,000 miles.

Another option is to transfer points to select mileage programs.

If you are a Chase Sapphire Preferred card holder, you can transfer points to any of the following programs:

  1. Amtrak
  2. British Airways
  3. Continental
  4. Priority Club Hotels
  5. Marriott
  6. Hyatt
  7. Southwest

Each of these programs allow a 1:1 conversion rate.  Thus, 50,000 Ultimate Rewards points can be converted into 50,000 Continental points.

The point?  It’s good to have both points and miles so that you can book whatever is most lucrative.

20% Off Ultimate Rewards Gift Cards

There is also a limited time opportunity to save 20% on gift cards.

Maximizing Money reports:

The Chase Ultimate Rewards program is currently offering up to 20% in points discounts for gift card redemptions through July 5, 2011.

This can only be confirmed by accessing your account online.  I don’t have an Ultimate Rewards account, so I can’t personally confirm thisGift Card, but it seems legitimate.

As such, if you want to use your points (assuming you get your spending in and you’re awarded the points in time) for gift cards, you can add an extra 20% value to this already outstanding offer.

When using Ultimate Rewards to get gift cards you typically pay 1 point per 1 penny value.

Thus, your 40,000 points could typically buy you $400 worth of gift cards.

That’s not a bad value for a single credit card sign up.

Here are some of the travel related places you can get gift cards for:

Avis, Applebee’s, Best Buy, Budget, Best Western, Continental, Exxon, Hertz, Hyatt, Marriot, Royal Caribbean, and Sea World.

Note that if you’ll be booking travel at a travel venue, you’ll likely be better off using the 25% travel discount mentioned above.  However, if you want your stay to count for status or you find a better rate/fare, then this would be the better way to go.

Hey, you can even get gas and meals covered if you get the right gift card.

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