Best Travel Articles and Deals: Aug. 13th Edition

First, let me apologize – profusely. 

This week, neither Jeri nor myself had a post here at Help Me Travel Cheap.  While I can’t really offer any good reasons, I’ve got a plethora of excuses.  Perhaps the two biggest excuses are that (1) I’m getting ready to launch an eBook called The Secret to a Successful Budget: Practical Advice for Creating a Budget That Lasts, and (2) Jeri’s family is visiting from the States.  Anyways, in the business of everything, HTC was neglected.  Poor thing.

However, we’ve still been watching the net for some of the best travel articles and deals, so I thought I’d compile this roundup. 

I’m actually on a mini-vacation right now.  We are staying at a guest house in Ulumani, Milne Bay Province.  The only problem is that we are almost too big for the guest house.  Our family of five is sharing a room and my sister-in-law and great aunt (in-law) are sleeping in the living room.  Thus, the only quiet place to work at 5:00 a.m. is the bathroom. 

So, live from the bathroom floor in the Tree Tops Guest House, I present …

The Best Travel Articles this Week

Bargaineering shares How to Deal with Losing Your Wallet While Traveling.  I’ve done it once – sort of.  I left my wallet in a cab in Christchurch, New Zealand.  Fortunately, with the help of the information desk, we were able to get the cab to drive back to the airport.  The best news … all my money and credit cards were still inside.

Upgrade: A Better Travel reveals A magic decoder ring for Hotwire hotels: HotwireRevealed.  This website seeks to help remove the guesswork when it comes to guestimating the location of your Hotwire hotel.

One Money Design offers Travel Fees: Tips to Avoid Them.  Who really wants to pay travel fees?  Not me.

Maximizing Money has a helpful list of Airline Unaccompanied Minors Fees.  If you’re going to be sending junior across country by himself, be sure you don’t get dinged by buying tickets on an airline that charges too much for unaccompanied minors.

Redeeming Riches has Money Advice While on Vacation (6 Traps to Avoid!).  Save money on your next vacation.

Travel Deals

For those of you who have some back to school shopping on the horizon, Delta is offering up to 5x bonus points when you use SkyMiles Shopping

Earn up to 60,000 American AAdvantage miles.

American Airlines AAdvantage® members are invited to join Hyatt Gold PassportTM and earn up to 60,000 miles with HyattTM. Earn 3,000 miles per stay for maximum of 20 stays, now through October 15, 2010.
To participate in this promotion:

    • Join Hyatt Gold Passport and you will automatically be registered for
      the promotion.
    • Complete an eligible stay at any Hyatt property worldwide between July 6 and October 15, 2010. (Remember to provide your Hyatt Gold Passport and AAdvantage account number when booking your stay.)
    • Request AAdvantage miles at check-in.

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