Best Airline Credit Cards Where Miles Post After First Purchase

One of the most frequent questions and concerns I get is regarding a credit card minimum spend.  This is especially true if a person is planning to apply for multiple cards at one time.

There are not a lot of people who can spend $10,000 within three months.

Today we’ll explore some of the best credit cards with no minimum spending requirements.

Airline Credit Cards Where Miles Post After the First Purchase

Chase Southwest

This card typically offers 25,000 miles after the first purchase.  However, there is a 50,000 mile link that is still lingering on the Internet.  If you’re thinking about applying for this bit of plastic, I’d do it before the opportunity disappears (basically until Chase realizes there is still an active link).

Points post after your first purchase.  There is a $69 annual fee for the Plus version.

This is one of my favorite cards with a low minimum spend because, if you are able to get it and also the business one, you’ll be within 10,000 miles of a Companion Pass.

Here’s the link for this card.

Chase United

I mentioned several weeks ago that you should be able to get a 50,000 sign up bonus for the United credit card.  These points post after your first purchase.  It looks like you need to have some points in your account to be eligible for this offer.

The card waives the annual fee for the first year, offers free baggage on United, and has primary rental car insurance coverage.

To learn how to check your account and get the 50,000 mile offer, click here.

Barclay’s US Airways

You’ll be eligible for 40,000 US Airways miles after your first purchase.  The annual fee is waived for the first year.

As a US Airways card holder, you’ll be able to book your miles at a discount (5,000 miles off), and each year you keep the accoount you can earn a bonus 10,000 miles.  That makes the $89 annual fee a little more bearable.

With the strong presence of Chase credit cards, it is nice to have a solid alternative offered by Barclay’s.  This card has also been reported to be churn-able so you can get the card and bonus and then later get the bonus again.

Here’s the link for this card.

Bank of America Alaska Airlines

Again, this card makes the ‘best’ list because it is through Bank of America.

While its bonus of 25,000 miles isn’t as much as some of the other ones mentioned here, it is a great account to have if you plan to travel on Alaska Airlines.


The companion certificate.  Buy any ticket, any fare, and get a companions ticket for $110.  Yes, that means if you book a first class ticket to Hawaii, you can take someone with you for $110.

The $75 annual fee is not waived for the first year.

Here’s the link for this card.  You can read more about the card benefits here.

American Express Starwood

The reason I’ve included this on the list of accounts with low minimum spending is because this card is the best American Express brand put on this list.  The sign up bonus is only 10,000 Starpoints, but those can be valuable.  Points are awarded after your first purchase, and the annual fee is waived for the first year. (But if you spend $5,000 in 6 months, you can get a bonus 15,000 points.)

I recently did a full write up on this card.

Here’s the link for this card.

The only viable alternative (if you want an American Express card) would be the Delta card.  You’ll get 30,000 miles after spending $500 in the first three months.

The card does have nice features like free checked baggage on Delta.

If you were to choose one Chase card, the Barclays, the Bank of America, and the Starwood American Express cards, you could earn 125,000 miles with four credit card applications and four purchases.

I think you could easily get over a $1,250 worth of flights with those points.

That’s a solid return, if you ask me!


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