Award Booking Assistance


Updated August 27th, 2013.  

I’m not currently accepting any new booking requests due to the current demand on my time.  Please check back in the future.

Are you frustrated or just intimidated with the award booking process?

Are you finding that you don’t have the time necessary to research all your travel options?

Feeling overwhelmed?  Afraid you might miss a good flight option?

I’ll use my award booking experience to help you find the best flights for your upcoming travels.

Award Booking Assistance Benefits

  1. Cost savings – I’ll help you find itineraries that avoid routes and airlines with high surcharges.  Be sure you’re not paying hundreds extra in taxes and fees.
  2. Time savings – I’ll have experience booking award flights so I’ll quickly search the most viable websites to find the best availability and options for your dates of travel.
  3. Best airlines suggestions – I can point you in the right direction if you’re trying to figure out the best airline options in your alliance.
  4. Best option assurance – It’s frustrating to buy something and then find out that there is a better deal or option.  I’ll use my experience to filter your options to be sure you’re getting the best flights for your destination.
  5. Maximize your miles - I can help explain how to maximize your trip by taking advantage of free stop over and routing rules.  This includes advice on how to add a free one way to Hawaii on international travels.
  6. Easy payment – once I finished the research you’ve requested, you’ll be able to send your payment via PayPal.

Recently, someone emailed saying he didn’t want to pay the research fee and asked if I could help point him the right direction.  I gave him a few simple pointers and sent him on his way.  He emailed back a few days later bragging about how he’d saved $50 by booking the flights himself.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to get his wife on the same flights as him, and he purchased extra miles when I could have suggested a much more cost effective way to transfer miles.  In the end, he spent $425 more than he should have and wasn’t even able to fly with his wife to Europe.  I’m glad he feels like he got a great deal by saving the $50 cost, but I think by not using my services he actually cost himself time and money.

Want Help Turning Those Unused Miles into a Flight?

My name is Craig Ford, the owner of Help Me Travel Cheap.  I want to help you travel for less. If you’re in the process of planning a vacation using points, miles, or rewards and you’re finding it difficult, I will be glad to help you make that illusive booking.

Because I want you to be another satisfied customer you should know my booking consultation differs from your other options.

There are several people who offer full award booking services.  These other programs are great, but also can be very expensive.  Rather than paying a large fee (up to $199 per passenger), you only pay an hourly consulting fee regardless of the number of passengers. 

Is this award booking assistance right for you?

  • You’ve done some research and you’re finding it hard to find flights on you desired dates.  You’re happy to call the airline and make your booking as long as you can find availability
  • You’re planning a trip, but all you can find is flights with huge surcharges.  You’d like to know if there are any options without such excess fees.
  • You’d like to plan a big vacation, but your not sure the best airlines and routing options for your flight.
  • You’ve found availability, but want a second option to be sure your less than ideal itinerary is the best option available.

What does the service include?

Using online services that I pay to access I’ll locate options, find availability, and make a booking on your behalf.  Throughout the process, we’ll stay in touch so I make sure the details are in line with your preferences.

At the end of your consulting, I’ll give you all the feedback you need to make your booking. You’ll decide the best options based on your preferences, and then you’ll make the final booking.

Testimonials from Satisfied Customers


What a TREMENDOUS HELP you are…. wooow, I am really impressed…. !! …  I had to explain to her [United Customer Service Representative] the definition of stopover because at first she refused to book the Seattle trip. She was also amazed that the system took it!


We’re new to the reward travel game and had great fun collecting reward points. When it came to booking our first big trip though, we were clueless. After weeks of pouring over flight schedules and the points we had collected helter-skelter, it just wasn’t coming together. I needed help. A day after I contacted Craig, he found a great reward flight from Washington DC to Seoul Korea, with a four day stop in Hawaii. The points used were much less than I expected, which leaves enough in our stash to plan another trip in the near future. Craig’s assistance really took a lot of stress out of the planning process, and at a very reasonable cost. I highly recommend his services.

How much does it cost?

There is a $50 flat fee for an hour of research.  After an hour of research, I’ll contact you with my results, and you’ll decide if you’re ready to book or if you want me to explore other flight options.  I’ll give you the options and availability for your dates of preference.  You’ll only pay $50 for an hour of my time, knowledge, and experience.  Other award services typically charge hundreds of dollars per passenger for a booking.  Because of this unique service, you do pay for the research regardless of results.  Of course, it is always my preference to find fantastic options, but that is not always possible.  The more flexible you are, the more likely it is that you’ll find flights.

All payments are made by PayPal.

Please email questions to htcheap at

Note: All prices are only for my research services and do not include airline taxes, fees, and booking costs.  Once I provide you with the information, you’ll be responsible for making your own booking.

If you want me to help you plan your award vacation, just fill out the following information, and I’ll get in touch with you soon.


1.  I’m not a licensed travel agent. This is a travel concierge service that only helps you locate and maximize your award ticket options.  Terms and conditions can change at any point for any reason.
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