Healthy Snacks for Road Trips

Tweet If you’re anything like me, you get sick of eating junk food on the road.  The first bite of packaged snacks on a road trip might taste good; but the more snacks I eat and the more restaurants we stop at, the more I start craving a real home cooked meal. I just read […]

5 Great Things to Do in Cheyenne, WY

Tweet While thinking about all of the places I’ve lived in my life, I realized that I took for granted the things I was able to do in some of those places.  It’s kind of funny that many of us end up moving away and then return later as a tourist to our hometowns. I […]

Holly Jolly Travels to You

Tweet ‘Tis the season to travel and visit family.  Hopefully the roads won’t be too icy nor the airports too busy during your travels this Christmas season. We’re not freezing or worrying about driving in ice and snow here in PNG.  On the contrary, we’re looking for a cool breeze and our swim suits so […]

Should Kids Be Allowed to Fly?

Tweet Have you ever been on a flight with a screaming toddler or baby?  I certainly have.  My babies have even, at times, been the screaming culprits.  Thankfully, my children generally travel well.  I’ve been embarrassed for other parents when I’ve seen them struggle with their toddler who didn’t want to buckle up when the […]

Our 10 Most Memorable Vacation Mistakes and Mishaps

Tweet We’ve had so many good memories traveling.  So many good stories to tell and friends to visit.  Beautiful places to see and tasty food to eat.  But there are a few experiences we could’ve done  without.  I hope you never make these mistakes.  But if you do, I hope you can at least laugh […]

How to Get a Certificate of Birth Abroad

Tweet I am an American citizen and my husband, Craig, is Canadian.  This can sometimes complicate things when it comes to issues of immigration.  It seems like we ought to be experts by now when it comes to filling out legal forms, such as getting a passport for kids.  We’ve done more than our fair […]

Want to Travel? Make a Budget

Tweet Are there times you wish you could travel the world, go on a cruise for your family vacation, or even just be able to attend that next family reunion?  With the help of a family budget, traveling is possible.  Sure, some of these things may seem out of your reach or nearly impossible. But […]

Ulumani Treetops Rainforest Lodge

Tweet If you ever get the privilege of visiting Milne Bay Province in Papua New Guinea, you’ll be amazed at the beauty of it all.  Sometimes I just have to pinch myself to make sure this is really my home.  We have been trying to take advantage of the area since we don’t have to […]