Australia and Papua New Guinea Travel Options Improving

I represent a small percentage of the population who has even heard of Papua New Guinea (PNG).  I represent an even smaller percentage of expatriates who live in PNG.  Over the last several years tourism has been increasing to my region – Milne Bay.  In this post I wanted to offers some updates on positive changes in the travel industry for passengers traveling from North America to either Australia or Papua New Guinea.

V Australia started flying between Los Angeles and Australia in 2008.  Their presence has been great for the consumer as prices have dropped in response to the increased competition.  Now, things are even better as you can now check bags on your Virgin America flight and everything will be transfered directly to Australia.  While most customers have grown accustomed to this service it is good to know that these two organization have joint the club.  If I were planning a trip to Australia I would be sure to include a search directly with V Australia.

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Virgin Blue flying to Papua New Guinea

This news is now several months old, but anyone planning a trip to PNG should know that Virgin Blue now flies between Brisbane and Port Moresby.  Our family enjoyed this service back in April.  The customer service was great.  The only negative was paying for drinks and snacks.  If traveling to PNG be sure to check out Virgin Blue.  Contact Virgin directly to find out about the operating relationship between Virgin Blue and V Australia.

Airlines PNG Now offering domestic booking online.

Travel to and within Papua New Guinea has become more and more competitive with the presence of Airlines PNG.  Airlines PNG now offers another benefit (especially for those overseas) in that you can book tickets online via their website.  I’m not sure if the prices are ongoing but you can currently fly between POM and Lae for K153 each way and Alotau K179 each way (Wild Fare pricing).

For those of you planning an upcoming trip to Australia or PNG if you need any further advice or information please feel free to contact me helpmetravelcheap [at] gmail [dot] com.

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