How to Get Approved for Two Citi Card Applications on the Same Day

Update: It appears as if getting approved for two personal Citi cards at the same time is, at best, highly unlikely.  Proceed with caution.

While responding to a reader’s email, I started to point them to my post that explains the hows and whys of a using the two browser trick to get approved for two citi card applications.  Unfortunately, I realized that I have no such post.

Until today.

I’ll say upfront that I’ve read about this strategy a few times on FlyerTalk, but it was on Million Mile Secrets that I remember first hearing the term ‘2-browser trick‘.

Two Citi Bank Applications on the Same Day – Two Browser Trick

I tend to avoid writing about certain strategies or approaches until I’ve first confirmed them or heard confirmation from a trusted source.  Last month was the first time I’ve tried to file two applications with Citi on the same day.

And it worked.

The Strategy for Two Citi Credit Card Application Approvals

  1. Open applications for two different Citi card products in two different browsers (like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome … I think you get the point).  If you only have one browser on your computer, you can easily Google the browser name and download it.
  2. Fill out the applications on both pages and then click on ‘next’ or ‘submit’ as close to simultaneously as possible.  What I did was to fill out both forms, and then I hit next on the one page then quickly switched over to the other and hit next.  When it came time to submit, I did the same thing – clicked on the one page, and then quickly opened the next and clicked on submit.

That’s it.  The two browser trick.

The Benefit of the Two Browser Strategy

I used this strategy when applying for both the American Airlines AAdvantage Visa and the American Airlines AAdvantage American Express card.

Typically, one can only be approved for a single personal application (at least automatically) at a time.  Last time I applied for the card, I got the Visa and then a week or two later decided I should also get the American Express, but I was denied because you can’t have both the Visa and American Express – unless you get them both at the same time.

The result is a 100,000 American AAdvantage mile haul in a single day.  This is much better than the 50,000 miles I would have had if I only got one of the cards.

Any time you apply for two Citi cards and you can meet the minimum spend, I suggest you use the two browser trick to double your miles!  You can use this strategy for any Citi cards, not just the American AAdvantage cards, but those are by far the current most profitable bonuses Citi has for airline miles.


  1. Syed says

    The 2 browser trick sounds like a cool idea. Have you had any experience with it working for other cards such as Chase? Also, it seems the 50000 bonus for AAdvantage has expired. Is there a different link for that? Thanks.

    • says

      This does not work for Chase in the same way it works for Citi. You may be able to get approved for two Chase personal cards in a day, but typically that is only if it is your first time to get a Chase card. With Chase one application will automatically be denied and then you’ll need to call the approval line to get it approved. However, with Citi you can use this method for automatic approval on both cards.

      The links on this page have been updated.

  2. SS says

    I tried doing the two browser with the citi thank you and citi thank you preferred and was denied both at the same time. It didnt even say further processing required. :(

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