Apologies + Daily Getaways

Disclaimer: My wife proof reads everything I write, but today I’m bypassing her attentive eye.  Please excuse any grammatical errors as I’m doing this all by myself today :).

I haven’t posted in far too long.  All is well, but life is busy.

Here’s what my family has been up to over the last four weeks (all of the post during that time were preschedule, so it’s actually been that long since I’ve written a post):

  • We packed up all our belongings and moved them into a storage container 
  • We moved in with my in-laws
  • We flew out of Denver and were rushed off the flight because a tornado touched down between two runways
  • My family flew to Toronto, Canada and arrived 7 hours late.  It was a long travel day between Denver and Toronto.
  • My wife and I spent four wonderful nights at the Hyatt Bali
  • I had my first, first class experience flying from Hong Kong to Chicago on Cathay Pacific

We arrived back “home” on July 5th after spending time visiting with my family in Canada.  My wife spent Saturday doing laundry and getting the clothes back into drawers.  Afterwords, we packed back up and hit the road on Sunday.  We’re now up in Billings, Montana – our new home.  We’re house hunting and all of that fun stuff.  By the end of this month we’ll be permanently moving from Cheyenne, WY to Billings, MT.  I’ve accepted a position to work with a church here in Billings.

As far as the blogging is concerned, it’s all still a go.  Of course, last week proved that there will be busy times when it will be hard to sit down and blog.

Anyways, I hope that explains why I’ve been a little behind with the blogging.

Daily Getaways

Have you been able to take advantage of any of the Daily Getaway promotions?  I bought some Choice and Wyndham points.

Check out what’s going on at Daily Getaways here.

Up this week …

Today: July 9th we’ve got Hilton HHonors for sale.

  • 100,000 points for $550 or $495 with an American Express.
  • 150,000 points for $825 or $742.50 with an American Express.
  • 250,000 points for $1,375 or $1,237.50 with an American Express.

Deal or no deal?

As always it depends on your destination, length of stay, and status.  CHeck out where you’re heading and the points require to see if the math adds up.  Personally I’m going to sit this one out.

I wouldn’t speculatively buy points or buy points for any further than one year (or less) in the future.  This year we learned that at any point a hotel program can devalue their points and there isn’t anything you can about it.

July 10th: Las Vegas Packages

There are several packages for Las Vegas.  The packages are self explanatory so I won’t got into detail on the offerings.

July 11th: Hyatt Points for Sale

These points could be very valuable depending on how luxuriously you like to vacation.  I’ll do a full post on Thursday, July 11th to show how to maximize the value of these points.

July 12th: Fairmont Hotel Nights

3 nights at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess for $675 ($607.50 with American Express).  The big problem?  There’s only 15 available.  If you’re interested in this package you’d better be a fast clicker.

6 nights at The Fairmont Kea Lani, Maui or The Fairmont Orchid, Hawaii for $1,800.  Again there are only 15 available.



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