An Introduction to Opaque Booking Sites

Want to get the cheapest deal with the least amount of effort? You’ll love the opaque websites.

What is an Opaque Website?
An opaque website is a site where the customer is required to do a portion of the booking without knowing the complete details. Doesn’t sound very exciting, does it? Well, in exchange for your lack of knowledge you will be rewarded with a great deal.

Two of the best known opaque sites are

Hotwire and Priceline.

Here is what I love about opaque websites:

  1. No reason to complain about the price. I love getting your location and comparing that price to what is listed on the brands website.
  2. Cuts out the decision making process. My family has a hard time deciding between this or that; with the opaque websites you don’t have to.
  3. Stay in better quality hotels for the price of a lower quality. We wouldn’t otherwise stay in some of the brands where we have stayed, but the opaque sites make it possible.
  4. Does not penalize and at times gives you a better rate for last minute travel.

But, you may need to cautious when it comes to opaque sites:

  1. You can get a hotel brand you do not like.
  2. You can get a hotel that does not meet the rating standard advertised.
  3. You can get a hotel at a location that is less than desirable.

These negatives are rare. I have never personally had any issues, but have heard of others who were less than satisfied with their location. It mostly depends on your personality and your sense of adventure. As far the prices you will find your best deal with an opaque site.