American Airlines AAdvantage Program: One Giant Step in the Right Direction

This blog has previously noted the AAdvantage program was the first flyer mile program.  This article serves to give recognition to American for moving in the right direction with the AAdvantage program.

AAdvantage introduces One Way Flex Awards!

AA Flex

Over the last several years I have found myself traveling one way more often then round trip.  It is simply the nature of how I have been traveling.  As a result, I have done the majority of my flying with airlines that aggressively price one way segments.  As such I was happy to see the recent American Airlines announcement that members may now use their miles to book one way travel. 

Previously it was necessary to book a round trip ticket with points even if you were not returning.  Now,  you can use 12,500 points to book a Economy MileSAAver one way tickets. 

This is great news even for those who do not travel one way flight segments often.  This new system allows you to book travel outbound in one class of travel and travel back in another class.  It simply increases the flexibility you have as the customer to tailor an upcoming trip to your needs.

You can read the terms and conditions and make your bookings here. 

Happy flying and thanks to American Airlines.  Travelers can only hope that competing airlines develop a similar system.

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