Airport Transportation and Parking Options and Alternatives

When traveling can be so expensive, why does getting to the airport need to be so expensive?

Here is a list of alternatives for you to consider before heading to the airport on your next vacation.  The cheapest option for you will depend on your family size, vacation length, and local prices.

Take a taxi/limo

No brainer here.  If you call the taxi company, they should be able to give you an approximate price for a ride to the airport.

Shuttle bus

We paid for a shuttle bus once when we were in Phoenix.  At that time, the price was much better than a taxi, and we had a decent amount of baggage so the bigger van size appealed to us.

One of the major companies is Super Shuttle.

Park and ride hotel

When we’ve gone on longer vacations, we typically try to find a hotel that will allow us to keep our car for free if we book a night.  A couple of times we stayed at a Homestead Suites in Nashville because I knew that was the hotel we would get through Hotwire.  We paid $30 for the night, and then at one point we got nine nights of free parking.  That was more than half of the cost of paying outright for parking.

Airport parking lot (don’t forget the online coupon)

If you are going to park at the airport, you must, must, must Google the airport name + parking discount/coupon.  There are always coupons floating around that give you a free day or 20% off.

Have a friend drop you off

This, of course, is the cheapest option, but sometimes people feel awkward asking friends.  When we lived in Memphis we had a set of friends who would always drive us to the airport when we needed to travel, and we would drive them when they travelled.  It worked out really well and neither of us felt bad asking the other.

However, the drive from Cheyenne, WY to the Denver airport is closer to 1.5 hours, so it is more awkward asking for rides.

Public transport

Depending on the city, you may be able to take a bus or train right from the station.  Usually in cities where public transportation is available, this is by far the cheapest choice.

Rent a car

If you live close to a small city neighborhood location of a major car rental company, you may be able rent a car there and drop it at the airport for no charge.  When you can get a car for $20-$30, that might be a good option for a long vacation.

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