A Plethora of Program Devaluations | There’s Only Bad News in this Article

Just to catch you up on the travel news, it seems like everyone is devaluing their program.

I like to filer all the travel news because most of you don’t want every single piece of information happening in the travel world.  What I’ve done is briefly introduced you to all the recent deviations.  As such, it makes for a very depressing blog post.

I’ll warn you – the changes aren’t favorable for most consumers.

Alaska Airlines 

When: For bookings 14 January 2014 and later

The changes are pretty minor.  Domestic coach flights remain the same.  Some flights to Alaska are increasing by 2,500 miles each way.  You can see the award chart here.

Delta Airlines

When: Delta was planning to make new changes to the award chart as of June 1st, but I guess they couldn’t wait that long os they’ve announced a new award chart will be in effect for tickets from February 1 – May 31.  Then, on June 1st, they will have another award chart. It’s crazy that there are already three award charts.

Most changes are between 5,000 to 10,000 additional miles.

Key economy class save award changes:

Within the continental US, Alaska, and Canada remains the same, but Hawaii will increase by 2,500 miles each way.  To South Asia Subcontinent and the Middle East, there is a 2,500 mile increase.

The biggest areas impacted are the business class flights.

Check out the new award chart here.

United Airlines

When: For bookings after February 1, 2014

Economy class flights are the least impacted.  Flights to Hawaii increase by 2,500 miles each way.  The only region in economy that increases by more than 2,500 miles (Middle East, Central Asia, North Asia, and Japan) is South Asia, which increases 7,500 miles.

However, business and first class flights will change dramatically.  The increase will especially impact flights on partner airlines.  Europe is a perfect example.  Currently, it’s 100,000 miles.  It will go up to 110,000 miles if you fly United and 140,000 miles if you fly a partner airline. Ouch.

View the new award chart after Feb 1.

Hyatt Hotels

When: Bookings after January 7, 2014

Standard room rates for categories 1-4 remain the same.  Category five increases by 2,000 points per night.  Category six rooms increase by 3,000 points a night.

Perhaps the biggest devaluation is the addition of a category 7, which means those rooms go up by 8,000 points a night.  Here are the new category 7 hotels: Park Hyatt Beaver Creek, Park Hyatt Milan, Park Hyatt Paris Vendome, Park Hyatt Sydney, Park Hyatt Tokyo, and Park Hyatt Zurich.

Also, Hyatt used to allow you to upgrade a paid stay to a Regency Club or Grand Club room for 3,000 points for up to four nights.  That will now cost 3,000 points per night.  Upgrades to a suite will go from 6,000 points up to four nights to 6,000 points per night.

Check out the new award chart.


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