1. Jerry Shames says

    Re the Citicard AAdvantage bonus offers. I note that they are only available to first time Citicard AAdvantage applications. How do you circumvent that requirement? Any ideas?

    • Craig says

      I don’t think you do. Since you only have one Social Security number they know when y last opened an account. I know that different cards have time limits as to how often you can apply for a new card (every year, 3 years, or 5 years), but I don’t know what the time frame is.
      One option is getting both a personal card and a business card.

    • Craig says

      If you are a sole-proprietor, you might be able to apply under your Social Security number. You would then use your legal name as your business name. However, some credit card companies ask for more proof of an actual business. Moreover, some cards stipulate that you can only use the card for business not personal purchases. Hope this helps.

  2. James Vu says

    I have been approved for a 100,000 points for citi card , but I still have 1 offer 50,000 by end of july . How big change do I got approve for this one . Thanks

    • Craig says

      Is the offer for the same card or just another Citi card? If it is another card then you probably have a decent chance of getting approval.

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