7 Tips For Planning Fun Affordable Family Vacations

The total cost of your family vacation is not out of your hands.

Sure, airlines and hotels will set their prices, but you still have a lot of control over the vacation cost based on your activities, actions, and plans.

7 Ways To Book Fun Affordable Family Vacations

  1. Buy an Entertainment Book.

    The Entertainment Book would be a great family destination guidebook.  The Entertainment Book is a coupon book that is packed full of restaurant, travel, and entertainment related activities.  If you only went to places that you had buy one get one free coupons, you would save a ton of money on vacation.

  2. Rotate Free and Paid Attractions.

    Every city or destination has cool free stuff.  One day you might attend a theme park or some other such activity.  The next day go to the beach or find a nice park. 

  3. Buy Meals At The Grocery Store. 

    Yes, I know mom wants a break from cooking.  Still, you could go to Kroger and buy a chicken dinner for $15 instead of spending $25 at the restaurant.  Our family almost always buys breakfast items at the grocery store.  Just find a good balance that works for you.

  4. When Buying A Family Vacation Package Consider Spending  An Extra Day At Home. 

    If you plan to take a 7 night vacation but you’re finding the budget a little tight, then one simple tweak would be changing your vacation length to 6 nights.  If you make that change, be sure to still make the 7th night a special one – go out to eat and set up a fort in the living room for the kids.

  5. Get the Rental Car a Day Late or Return the Rental Car A Day Early.

       If you work in a day at the hotel to rest or relax, then just plan that day at the start or the end of the trip.  You save money each day you cut out a car rental.  Since almost all destinations have free airport shuttles, you can save the cost of a day rental.

  6. Take Snacks and Drinks With You.

    Sometimes I think snacks are priced as if they are going to be sold on the black market.  You can buy a 12 pack of a no name brand Coke for $2.50 or $1.75 for a single drink at the convenience store.  Plan ahead and take a cooler with drinks and snacks.

  7. Find the Best Travel Deals Before You Go.

    The internet gives you so many vacation saving opportunities.  Decide where you want to go on vacation and then Google that destination + discounts or coupons.  You’ll be surprised the number of deals you can find.

What is your money saving vacation tip?

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