Family Vacations: 7 Advantages of a Condominium or Apartment

When you’re vacationing with kids, your accommodations are going to have a huge impact on your vacation experience.

In fact, our family is in the process of dreaming up our next vacation.  Here’s the kicker.  We’ve got enough hotel points for 10 nights free hotel (thanks to my Starwood hotel’s points program).  However, anytime we’ve vacationed in condominiums or apartments, we have loved the experience.  So, for us, the million dollar question is – is the apartment or condominium worth the extra cost?

When we’ve traveled with our family, we’ve stayed at budget hotels, expensive hotels, condominiums, and with friends.  By far, the condominium experience has been the best.

7 Advantages of Condominiums and Apartments for a Family Vacation

  1. Lots of extra space.  With a family, a hotel room will leave you cramped, and you’ll have cabin fever by the end of the week.  Spread out and enjoy yourself in a nice spacious condo.  Nap time and bed time with young kids is terrible in hotels.  Often times, my wife and I have to hide out in the bathroom peeking out like Ninjas just waiting for the kids to fall asleep.  However, with 1,2, or 3 bedrooms, you can put the kids to bed and then find something better to do (than hiding out in the bathroom – if there is anything better :)).
  2. Easier to keep kids’ nap schedules.  This also drives me crazy in a hotel room.  When the kids go down for their naps, where do you go?  That’s right back to my dungeon – the restroom.  In a condo, they can nap, and you still get to relax in the living room or a second bedroom.
  3. Cook your own food.  When you’re traveling as a family, your dining out meal costs will be huge.  Cut down those costs by using the kitchen to cook at least one meal a day.  I know mommy probably wants a break from the kitchen (and she deserves one).  This is a chance for daddy to be a knight in shinning armor. 
  4. Mom and dad need some time together, too.  Enough said.
  5. Many condominiums are a part of a complex that has other fun family activities.  This will vary from anything to a swimming pool, games room, basketball court, to shuffle board.  All of these extra activities and amenities are especially appealing to families.
  6. Cost.  The cost of a condominium is reasonable in comparison to a hotel room.  The facilities may not be as luxurious as a hotel, but with kids, you don’t need luxury. You need space.
  7. Hotel restrictions.  If you have a family with more than two kids, you will find it increasingly more difficult to find a hotel that will allow you to fit 3 kids in a room.  While I think this is ridiculous, (why can’t a baby just sleep on the floor?) it is still the policy of many hotels.  Apartments and condos are geared towards families. 

What kind of accommodations do you recommend for family vacations?

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