5 Ways to Book Cheap Travel

Those who are buying airplane, hotel, and car rentals for the first time are often intimidated by the process.  They hear about all these people who get amazing deals and they also want a piece of the action.  However, where do you start in your search for cheap travel?

Where to search for cheap travel?

Finding discounted travel is actually about more than experience – though that is a good benefit.  It is actually about a time commitment.  The more time you invest into the booking process, the more you can save.

Cheap Travel Reservations are Like a Puzzle:

When you start the booking process, the more decisions you have already made the less you will save.  If, however, you allow the prices to determine your plans, you are in a good place to find cheap travel. 

Start with your destination

Are there any other cities nearby that you can check for cheaper prices?  For example, can you fly into Fort Lauderdale instead of Miami?

Work with the dates

Can you leave one day later?  Could you book travel departing on a Tuesday – Thursday? 

Check multiple websites

I suggest checking sidestep.com, hotwire.com, priceline.com, and orbitz.com.  There are some other good travel sites, but these are your bread and butter companies.

Analyze your travel method

Do you have to fly?  Could you drive instead?

Ask a friend

People who travel often love to share their favorite sites – they even like to brag about the great price they got on their last trip.

Remember, the more time you commit to the booking process the more likely you are to get a great deal.

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