1. Gary says

    I have a couple Amex credit cards and want the Premier Gold. On the website when I log into my account, I am pre-approved for this card. However, when I go to apply all I see is the mention of waiving the $175 annual fee for the first year. I am assuming, since I cannot see anything about the sign up reward points (the 15k version), that signing up in that method (i.e. a current Amex account) won’t get me any signup points?

    Which leads me to…. applying via your link (or any way without being logged into my account and going the pre-approved route)……. would that give me the signup reward points (25k via your link)?


    • Craig says

      Yes, if I send you a link you can get 25,000 miles for signing up. I have your first name and email address, but would need you to email (htcheap at gmail dot com) your last name and I’ll send you the link.

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