Southwest Good News! Expanded AirTran Integration

Tweet I’ll be open about my bias – I really love Southwest. It seems like every time I fly Southwest I have a positive experience. If you haven’t been to, you might want to do some poking around to see if the expanded integration with AirTran is beneficial for your travel plans. Southwest has […]

Mileage Earning Cards Vs. Cash Back Credit Cards

Tweet Developing a successful credit card strategy requires a deep look at your own preferences long before you start analyzing any specific credit card. How people like to use their points isn’t always the most valuable, but that doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that you use the points in a way that fits your […]

Act Quick! 50,000 American Express Membership Rewards for Premier Rewards Gold Card (and More)

Tweet I hope this offer lasts a little longer than the Platinum 100,000 points bonus that I blogged about several weeks ago.  That offer expired within 4 hours of when I wrote my article. Don’t expect these offers to hang around for long. American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card 50,000 Membership Rewards Bonus How to access […]

25,000 American Express Platinum Business (Increase) & 30,000 US Airways (Reduced)

Tweet We’ll be covering a couple of changes to two different credit cards.  The one is good (sort of), and the other is bad. 25,000 American Express Rewards Points for the American Express Platinum Business Disclaimer: As I started writing this post, I was saying why I wasn’t interested at all in this promotion.  However, […]