Credit Score Analysis | Should a Credit Score Drop Cause You to Adjust Your Strategy?

Tweet When I talk with newbies about signing up for credit cards to get free/cheap/discounted travel, one of the hesitancies is the impact on a person’s credit score.  Since my quarterly FICO score was just updated, I want to use my own score to help us analyze what is happening, and discover the important lessons […]

A Unique Time for Super Sizing Your United Mileage Balance

Tweet I thought about writing this post the boring way – by telling you about two new credit card options with United and Continental. However, I’ve been explaining what’s happening with United and Continental to a few readers via email, so I decided that it was time to pull it all together into one concise […]

The Help Me Travel Cheap Creed

Tweet I’ve been using Help Me Travel Cheap as a resource to help newbies use credit card sign up bonuses to earn frequent flyer miles for free flights around the world. It’s been fun hearing back from so many of you about the trips you’re planning or taking.  To be honest, I sometimes get jealous […]

How to Get Up To Five Free SWA Round-trips with 50,000 Southwest Points

Tweet With the current Southwest credit card promotion you can earn 50,000 points.  The beauty of the Southwest program is that if you can find dirt cheap fares, your miles can keep on giving you more and more free travel. Of course, it is always good to have a stock pile of miles with different […]

Southwest Credit Card | $830 Worth of Flights

Tweet Update October 18th, 2011. This promotions is BACK!  To get the updated details you can click here.  It is a limited time offer, but Chase is not saying for how long. Depending on your travel habits, this 2 free round trip Southwest credit card promotion ought to give you a reason to smile.  If […]

Discover a Business You Never Knew You Had and Double Your Credit Card Sign Up Bonuses

Tweet Did you know that most individuals are eligible to sign up for business credit cards? An individual who is doing any additional income earning business is running something that the IRS legally recognizes as a small business.  It’s called a sole proprietorship.  With a Sole Proprietorship, the individual name is also the business name.  […]