Holly Jolly Travels to You

Tweet ‘Tis the season to travel and visit family.  Hopefully the roads won’t be too icy nor the airports too busy during your travels this Christmas season. We’re not freezing or worrying about driving in ice and snow here in PNG.  On the contrary, we’re looking for a cool breeze and our swim suits so […]

Car Games for a Family Road Trip

Tweet There was an era that families used to do something other than watching movies on car trips.  It was called family road trip games.  No, I’m not talking about video games either. 5 Great Car Games for a Family Road Trip Find the Alphabet Starting with the letter ‘a’, you need to find something […]

Should Kids Be Allowed to Fly?

Tweet Have you ever been on a flight with a screaming toddler or baby?  I certainly have.  My babies have even, at times, been the screaming culprits.  Thankfully, my children generally travel well.  I’ve been embarrassed for other parents when I’ve seen them struggle with their toddler who didn’t want to buckle up when the […]