Last Day of April | Travel Roundup

Tweet It’s hard to believe that April is almost over.  That means summer is getting closer, and planning for your summer vacation is even closer!!  Are you dreaming of where to go for vacation yet? There were a lot of great travel posts this week that you shouldn’t miss.  Here are some posts that I […]

Stress-Free Tips for Airport Security With Children

Tweet After packing for your family vacation, you are ready to go to the airport. When you get there, you realize that the craziness is not over yet.  You still have to make it through airport security with your children. Passing through airport security with children is an adventure all of its own.  It suddenly […]

Refund Airline Tickets | How Do You Get Your Money Back?

Tweet In a few ways, traveling is like investing.  You watch for the price trends, anticipate future prices, and then eventually you lock in your price by buying your tickets. Well, not really.  Most people just remember, hey I forgot to buy plane tickets, so they jump online and buy the tickets. One of the […]

Travel Posts Weekly Roundup

Tweet Welcome to the second edition of the Help Me Travel Cheap weekly round up.  During this Friday post, we highlight some of the articles we enjoyed reading on the web this week. Delicious Baby asks What to do With Kids When There Are No Playgrounds.  Is there such a place?  My wife and I […]

10 Tips for Hassle-Free Family Road Trips

Tweet Since I’ve been a parent, I have taken very few family road trips.  We fly with our children, for the most part.  However, I’m a pro on road trip advice because of all the family road trips I had growing up.  Having not set foot in an airplane until I was 18 years old, […]

International Family Vacations | Often Neglected Details

Tweet Planning a family vacation requires a little organization.  However, international family vacations require an extra layer of preparation.  The problem is that too often people get ready for their international family vacation without preparing for some of the unique things about the destination. So I’ve put together a list of … Often Neglected Details […]

Visit a National Park for Free | Roundup

Tweet Free Entrance to a National Park If you live in the States or are traveling there now, take advantage of the National Park Week.  During the week of April 17-25, 2010, the National Park Service is waiving the entrance fee to all 392 of the national parks.  I didn’t even realize there were so […]

Easy Vacation Recipes | 12 Simple Ideas

Tweet One of our favorite family vacations was the one we took to Brisbane, Australia a couple years ago.  Fortunately, we were able to stay in a nice 2-bedroom condo there. It was great because there was space for all of us.  The best part was that after the kids went to bed, we weren’t […]

Airline Frequent Flyer Points: Are They Useless?

Tweet For years and years, I’ve collected airline frequent flyer points.  Like any good traveler, I’ve looked at the award charts and come to the fortunate conclusion that with only 25,000 miles I can get a free roundtrip to anywhere in the United States.  Cool. The Problem with Airline Frequent Flyer Points 1. Flight Availability […]

Spirit Airlines Charging for Carry-ons| The State of Domestic US Air Travel

Tweet This week, Spirit Airlines announced that they will be charging $45 to stow a  carryon in the overhead compartments onboard one of their aircrafts.  Good news, bad news, or just plain make you mad news? When I first read the reports, I thought it was stupid.  Another airline finding another creative way to make […]