When is a Newborn Baby Old Enough to Fly?

Tweet You may be asking, “When is my newborn baby old enough to fly?” - if you didn’t complete all your traveling while pregnant.  In my case, I delivered two of  my babies on our furlough (break from the mission field).  We were on a tight schedule since we only had a limited amount of time […]

Southwest Airlines Family Pre-Boarding Policy and Tips

Tweet In a good way, Southwest Airlines is a unique airline.  Most of Southwest’s airlines policies are very customer friendly.  One policy that I don’t like is their family pre-boarding policy. Open Boarding, Southwest Airlines, and Family Pre-Boarding Unlike most airlines, Southwest does not assign seats when you buy a ticket.  So, for example, when […]

Family Travel Tips for Packing

Tweet It can be tricky getting everything and everyone ready for a family vacation.  That’s why it might be helpful for you to remember some travel tips for packing so you can enjoy your family vacation as much as possible. Personally, I always enjoy the packing part – it’s the unpacking when I get home […]

Cheap Overseas Phone Calls During Vacation

Tweet When travelling overseas, you many want/need to call families or friends.  However, calls from overseas can quickly add up.  That is unless you know a few rules and tips to help make cheap overseas phone calls while on vacation. How to Make Cheap Overseas Phone Calls Don’t use your at home cell service.  If you have […]

Airplane Games for Kids: Make Time Fly

Tweet You need to be prepared with some creative airplane games for kids if you’re boarding a plane with a young family. It is possible to survive and even enjoy a long flight with children! There is only so long a small child can sit still, hush, and read a book.  After you’ve read all […]

Best 0% Foreign Currency Exchange Fee Credit Cards

Tweet There are two components of a foreign currency exchange fee with your credit card.  The first is a fee assessed by the credit card brand, and the second is a fee assessed by the holding bank or institution. For example, if your credit union says that they do not charge a fee for foreign […]

Breastfeeding on a Plane

Tweet Breastfeeding on a plane is one of the best ways to soothe your baby .  There have been so many times when I’ve been flying and been incredibly thankful that God gave me this natural gift!  I know that breastfeeding is not accepted in public by some people in various parts of the world. However, […]

Trip Cancellation Insurance | Is It Worth Buying?

Tweet Unfortunately, life never goes as planned.  Similarly, vacations rarely go as planned. Companies have been built and established to help protect us during these unfortunate events.  The companies are called insurance companies.  Trip cancellation insurance is a type of insurance that will cover the cost of your trip in case you cancel your trip […]

Credit Card Car Rental Insurance

Tweet A reader send the following question about credit card rental insurance coverage: I also noticed you had a section on car rental insurance and using a credit card for that.  I was under the impression that you have to have a primary insurance first in order to take advantage of the card car insurance.  […]