How To Buy Foreign Currency on Vacation Overseas

Tweet Since people are travelling overseas at increasing volumes, there is also an increasing number of ways to buy and sell foreign currency. When purchasing foreign currency two opposing factors need to be thoroughly considered: Convenience and cost.  In some cases, the most convenient way to buy foreign currency is also the most expensive.  For […]

Hotwire and Priceline: How to Guarantee the Lowest Price

Tweet and Priceline are consistently the cheapest travel options.  Hotwire It is important to remember that both of these sites are opaque travel sites (you do not know some exact details when you book) so you must have some flexibility.  If you are unfamiliar with the opaque travel websites you should read an introduction […]

5 Ways to Entertain Young Kids on Flights for Family Vacations

Tweet I’ve already given you some survival tips for flights with children in tow. Now you need to know how to keep those little ones occupied. How to Keep Kids Entertained on Family Vacations 1. Bring a few items in a small carry-on. I’ve learned not to take very much to entertain my children on […]

7 Tips For Planning Fun Affordable Family Vacations

Tweet The total cost of your family vacation is not out of your hands. Sure, airlines and hotels will set their prices, but you still have a lot of control over the vacation cost based on your activities, actions, and plans. 7 Ways To Book Fun Affordable Family Vacations Buy an Entertainment Book. The Entertainment […]

6 Tips for Surviving Long Flights with Young Kids

Tweet Traveling with children even a short distance can be intimidating. But boarding a plane knowing that you’re stuck there for a while can be even more frightening.  Forget the not-so-friendly looks you’re getting as you board with your crew, and try out these tips! 6 Tips for Traveling with Children by Air 1.  Bring […]

Help Me Travel Cheap: Recommitted, Refocused, and Revised

Tweet January.  It’s a chance for new beginnings. Help Me Travel Cheap is taking advantage of a new beginning.  In the process, we’re refining our focus. Since it was first started, this site has exclusively focused on finding the best possible travel deals.  While this site will still focus on travel deals, it is also […]