Poor Customer Service

Tweet Photo by cliff1066 When traveling you want to be treated like you are important to the company.  Unfortunately, that is not always the case! I have blogged about some of my poor travel experiences: Here is a problem I recently had with Hilton Hotels Price Guarantee Program. I wrote about a bad Southwest experience […]

Southwest Airlines: Please Bring Back Young Family Pre-boarding

Tweet Most industries are investing a lot of resources into making their product more family friendly.  They know parents will avoid their establishments if the layout is does not appeal to families.  Because the family market is so large organizations willingly adjust their business models to continue to appeal to consumers with families. Ironically, it […]

Every Dollar Counts – Baggage Carts

Tweet If you really want to travel cheap you need to remember one very important lesson – every dollar counts.  Typically, when we head off on vacation the last thing we want to do is to set a budget or watch our spending.  But, if you don’t watch your spending the payments will follow you […]