More Airline Fees

Tweet The Hamilton Spectator resports airlines are loading up on fees to up revenue. Here are some of the notable increases: I had already shared that US Airways was charging an extra $5 if you pay for your bag fee at the check in counter.  It appears as though United is doing the same. Air […]

‘Clear’ Lanes are No Longer Available in U.S.

Tweet Clear was an initiative that allowed the traveling public to enroll in a program that expedited their transit through security.  The clear program has just announced it will ceased to operate (effective immediately). Here is their statement below or can be read online here: Clear Lanes Are No Longer Available. At 11:00 p.m. PST […]

Travel Magazines

Tweet If you like to travel you might be interested in travel magazines.  Photo by Nessa Land Travel and Leisure Magazine – For a subscription it will cost you 19.99 for 12 issues.  What you get is 1 magazine once a month at the price of about $2 per issue.  Outpost Magazine – Canadian $20 […]